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Quality Suspension Repair Services

You deserve the most accurate and complete suspension repair service for your vehicle. Trinity Sails and Repair in Nome is the place to get it. Whether you have a large truck or a small car, we’ll make sure your suspension system is well intact, giving you safe and smooth driving in all conditions.

Put our experience and knowledge to work for you, without having to travel outside of Nome. Our ASE-Certified experts are ready to perform the high-quality suspension repairs you need, on any type of vehicle, new or old.

Suspension Repairs for Better, Safer Driving

While the suspension in modern cars can often be taken for granted, it’s one of the most important systems. The suspension supports your vehicle’s weight and provides a more comfortable ride, while allowing you to maneuver and drive with precision.

When your suspension system starts to fail, you may notice some distinct symptoms. You might notice the car rides roughly, thumping and banging over every bump in the road. It could also be drifting to the side or dipping when you hit the brakes. Simply put, if the car doesn’t ride as smoothly as it should, you need a suspension repair job.

Turn to us for an accurate diagnosis of your suspension. Whether the issue lies with the shocks, struts, ball joints, control arms or springs, we’ll give you the precise and lasting suspension repairs you need.

Discover the Advantages of Trinity Sails and Repair

  • ASE-Certified Technicians
  • A+ Rating with the BBB
  • General Auto Repair and Maintenance
  • Heavy Equipment & Emergency Equipment Service
  • Diesel Engine Knowledge & Experience
  • Land Mobile Radio Installation
  • Dive Shop & Commercial Diving Services
  • Boat & Sail Repair Work
  • Additional Areas of Expertise, Including Dog Sledding

Contact Trinity Sails and Repair in Nome for reliable suspension repairs. From basic maintenance to advanced issues, we do it all!

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